Towlard Publications

Whitby Photographers, their lives and their photographs from the 1840s

Front cover of the book
  1. William Stonehouse, the Pioneer
  2. Francis Ridley Pickernell and seasonal competition
  3. Samuel Braithwaite
  4. George Wallis & short term businesses
  5. John Waller
  6. John Harrison Dawson
  7. Frank Meadow Sutcliffe
  8. William Wallace Herbert
  9. James Aston Briggs
  10. William Henry Heming
  11. Tom Watson
  12. Photographers of the district
  13. Other local photographers
  14. John Thomas Ross
  15. The Doran Family
  16. Alfred William Seaman
  17. Keeping Sutcliffe’s legacy alive
  18. John Tindale and post war photographers
  19. The Whitby Camera Club & later Photographic Society


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